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My son was born at 25 weeks and 1 day. He spent 112 days in the NICU and I was forced to begin my lactation journey before I was ready. I pumped every 2 hours for the first month and it wasn’t until 2 months that I was told that I needed 4 hours of sleep at night to maintain my own health.

My first round of mastitis was caused because no one told me anything about pumping or massage.

They literally gave me my pump, showed me how to turn it on and I was on my own. Two days later I had full-blown mastitis on both breasts, along with massive clogged ducts that I was told was “muscle tissue”. It took 2 weeks to work everything out. During the 112 days in the NICU I had mastitis two more times and many more clogged ducts.

Once my son came home he would only latch on rare occasion. Fast forward a few months and he refuses to latch at all. I already had an oversupply so when he stopped nursing my freezer stash just filled up that much quicker.

My son was born in January of 2017 and in August of 2017 I found out that I could donate my excess milk. A local hospital was having a milk drive. I was able to donate 420 ounces that day. The following month I found out I could donate to local moms! I have helped 4 other mamas since then.

To date I’ve donated just over 1000 ounces between a milk bank and local woman. My goal is to feed my son for as long as I can produce milk, he is now 9 months ( 5.5 months adjusted). Along the way if I can help others I will.”

Jennifer M.

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