Flange Consultation

A Program to help mamas with their breast pumping journey

Why is it important to get your flanges sized?

Well….it’s much like getting the correct sized shoe. You wouldn’t wear shoes that are too big, because they would fall off and you may roll your ankle. You wouldn’t wear shoes that are too small…then you get swelling, blisters, and painful feet.

Everyone’s body is different, so getting the right size flange for breast pumping is just as important as the right shoes. With the right sized flange, pumping should be more comfortable, (with no damage!) and greater milk out put. Because you are not hindering the way your milk is released.

Properly emptying the breast tissue, will lead to a greater out put because of better milk removal and refill.


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Get step by step guides to help you accurately and effectively adjust your flange sizing so that you can have a much better breast pumping experience.

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RUSH Flange Sizing

Sorry you missed it! The enrollment is closed for right now, but we’ll be reopening soon!

If you are experiencing a drop in supply, pain, nipple damage, or you just need help ASAP, this is the option for you.
Get expedited help to get back on track.

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Only $30

Better Milk Output
Gentler Pumping Experience
No More nipple damage
Pumping pain reduced or eliminated

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A Little About Elisabeth

Professional Pumping Mama

My name is Elisabeth, and I am the founder of One Ounce At A Time, (OOAAT) a breastfeeding and pumping support community.

I was "blessed" with a condition called Hyperlaction Syndrome in which I over produce breast milk. WAY over produce...But I chose to use my, often-times severe and high-risk, medical condition for good. I have been pumping consistently for over four years. In that time, I have broken the world record - four times - for ounces of breast milk donated, helped over 8,000 mamas get correct flange sizing, and grown a mass following supporting mamas in their breast pumping journey on Facebook and Instagram. To date, over 200,000 ounces of milk have been donated by me to micro preemies and mom's in need. So when I say, I get your pumping frustrations...
I REALLY get it.

Learn More About Elisabeth

Today Elisabeth Anderson-Sierra has been hailed as a breastmilk “super producer” by organizations such as HuffPost, TODAY, People, and others after the mid-2018 announcement that she had broken world records and donated over 153,535 ounces of breastmilk to a milk bank. Since then she’s spoken at MommyCon, started a Flange Consultation Program, appeared in multiple film opportunities, the New York Post, and shared that she has donated a total of more than 200,000 ounces of breastmilk in four and a half years - more than 10 times the typical amount for an oversupply donor.

You Rock

I was hesitant at first but then I knew I had to do something. I read all the feedback she received and knew she would help. Elisabeth was such a great help to me! I was on the edge of giving up. She really encourages and gives such helpful tips! With the right flange size, my pump output went up 2oz more! I was so shocked and literally in tears. She is so amazing and replied pretty quick. You rock💛

~ Sarah


You will be so happy!

I was so close to quitting my pumping journey due to cracked, red, painful nipples… Thank you to Elisabeth I’m still in it going strong!!! Thank you soooooo much… I only wish I had done it sooner… My supply went up from 4 oz average per pump to 8 oz!!! Elisabeth not only suggested the correct size and cushions for improved comfort but she also send me a ton of tips and recommendations to improve my supply and overall well being! 😀 If anyone out there is undecided please give the professionals a try! You will be so happy!!!!

~ Indira

Elisabeth is THE BEST

Elisabeth is THE BEST. She sized me twice (once early on and now, 6mpp) and I can’t say enough good things! Flange sizing is so important and I would have never known if not for Elisabeth!

~ Allie

She fixed the pinching

Just wanted to say how helpful a flange consultation with Elisabeth was! I had a few local lactation consultants tell me I should go up a size in flanges because of my sore nipples as an exclusive pumper. After a thorough consultation with Elisabeth, I have gone down a size in flanges and no longer have sore nipples or pinching when I pump. Elisabeth is knowledgeable and quick to respond.

~ Sarah

You saved my breastfeeding journey

Elizabeth is amazing. I opted for a rush consult due to nipple pain cracking and decrease in production. I ended up having the correct size flange but but still took the recommendations from her and applied them! I changed a few things and saw a almost 8-10 oz increase in my pumping!

Elisabeth you saved my breastfeeding journey especially being able to provide while away from home at work! Thank you! You made me feel comfortable and are amazing at what you do!

~ Jessica

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

How much does it cost?

The standard Flange Consultation Program is only $20,

The RUSH Flange Consultation Program is only $30.


Each program has the same information through the same encrypted server.

The only difference in the programs is the RUSH is expedited to give you information within 24 hours. This is for mamas dealing with a drop in supply, pain, nipple damage, or mamas that just need help ASAP. 

Who sees my stuff?

Our team is comprised of all mamas who have, or are, pumping. So even though we are a small team, we all get it!

Mostly, though, Elisabeth is the only one to ever assess your images and videos. Since she’s the Super Woman of Pumping, she puts her personal recommendation on every flange sizing. 

Can I talk to Elisabeth?

Actually, you can! We do require you purchase one of the programs first, because we’d like to see if our program can help you…and Elisabeth needs all the information anyway. 

If after the program you still need help, you can purchase a face-to-face consultation with Elisabeth for $100. This gives you a Skype call to Elisabeth to help you “in person” adjust and fix your flange sizing. 


Is my info (and pictures!) safe?

Let’s be honest, we’re GOING to ask you to send a picture and video of an active pumping session. It can feel a little gross to send something so intimate over the internet. We get it. 

Our system is built so each person’s data is separate, password protected, and encrypted. We’ve got you!

What if I'm a little tech challenged?

We made it super easy to upload images and videos with a lot of directions and guidance in each email, and on each form. Plus, if you feel confused or lost, we are just an email reply away. If you see something missing, or something that was a little more difficult, let us know. We want to make this as helpful for pumping mamas as possible!

Oh! Our system is also built so each person’s data is separate, password protected, and encrypted. So you don’t have to worry about where your information is going, or who’s seeing it. We’ve got you!

What if I need a refund?

Unfortunately, refunds are unavailable. Because it is a service based program, we are paying team members to actively take care of you while Elisabeth is helping you with your sizing. 

However, we always recommend you are patient with yourself. Sometimes the first adjustment changes the game! Sometimes it’s the third one. And sometimes it will take a day or two to feel those changes. 

But we will do everything in our power to help you find a solution.

Why should I get this?

If you have been struggling with pumping in any way, or been experiencing a drop in supply, pain, nipple damage, Elisabeth is able to help you adjust your flange so it actually FITS. This can help insurmountable on your breastfeeding and pumping journey. 

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