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About Elisabeth

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One Ounce At A Time™ was started as a resource to help breast pumping mamas find the best products, the best resources, and gain support for the emotional journey of breast pumping.


Hi there! Welcome to my page! My name is Elisabeth Anderson-Sierra. I am the mother of two beautiful daughters and wife to the most amazing supportive husband.

Many call me a Milk Goddess, or Pumping Queen, but I am a mother who’s goal is to be the best I can for my children and set an example that I hope will leave a positive impression.

I have been on this roller coaster journey of motherhood since becoming pregnant with my firstborn in March 2014. I started researching everything I could about breastmilk and in that process learned about breastmilk donation.

This was my first baby so I had no idea how my body would produce, and no clue what I was doing. I did know I wanted to try and donate breastmilk if I produced extra. I have been a regular blood donor for the Red Cross since turning 18 and I couldn’t continue during pregnancy so I sought out other ways to continue to give back to my community.

I struggled through so much misinformation in the beginning. As much as I tried to set myself up for success with breastfeeding and pumping I received mixed information at the hospital and suffered through many painful days of extremely over engorged breasts till figuring out how to operate a pump and get some relief. I had milk coming out of my ears there was so much.


This being new to me I was embarrassed and felt like there was something off about having so much milk. Having just given birth I had already been so exposed and vulnerable I was timid to keep asking the professionals for help and being continually told that what I was experiencing was normal. That I needed to suck it up and push through. Breastfeeding is what I wanted right? It was successful right? My daughter was latching, gaining weight, and had double the needed wet and soiled diapers. I should be thankful. It wasn’t normal. It was far from normal.

Fast forward three years and I’ve now been formally diagnosed with Hyperlactation Syndrome and produce about 225 excess ounces of breastmilk per day. I’ve learned what does and doesn’t work when it comes to pumping and breastfeeding.

To date I’ve donated over 350,000 ounces of breastmilk to micropreemies and local families.


I’ve learned so much on my journey and want to share this knowledge with other mothers who may go through similar situations, or are looking for support with pumping and more. I want to share the joys, the pain, the loss, and the rewards of being a mother.

I am supportive of mothers in all feeding journeys.

Fed is best, including formula and feeding the babies, not the freezers. Motherhood is a sisterhood, welcome to the sisterhood of One Ounce At A Time™.

Hi! I’m Elisabeth.

Elisabeth pumping

I have been pumping continuously for over 3 years. I have a condition called hyper-lactation which means my body over produces breast milk. So I use my super power to help feed premies and babies who’s mamas cannot produce milk. This is my story! [Read more here…]

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